It all started as an attempt to make sure we didnt waste eggs and flour that remained as we shut down.

A call to Dons Local Action changed our plan. Seeing what an incredible job they were doing getting food parcels out 

to the needy and helping NHS and other frontline workers, we decided to support them. The journey began.

Day One learning to ice cupcakes......the Cakeology team were all isolating so Mum had to do the icing!

Seven weeks on we are approaching 2000 cupcakes. Most have gone to Don's Local Action but we have

also fed the Posties, Local Police and Rubbish Collectors. All hugely deserving of a little treat.

If you haven't seen what Dons Local Action are doing check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

They are doing an  incredible job, we have been inspired by their efforts and are proud to be able to do our little bit. Heading to 3000!

Needless to say Mum's icing technique has improved.