Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding planning can be both exciting and stressful. You want the best but you have a budget. We understand and to make the process a little easier, we’ve put together a list of popular and creative wedding cake ideas.


The Traditional Cake

 The Traditional wedding Cake


The 3-tier rounded white wedding cake! Fits all weddings especially ones going for a more traditional feel. This particular vanilla cake will feed around 60 people.



The Fancy Traditional Cake

 The Fancy Traditional Wedding Cake

This more elaborate design has more colour and colour schemes are a big consideration when planning your big day. However this has more of a wow factor; with beautifully hand crafted edible roses. Hovering around the £600 mark, this cake will feed in excess of 100 people.



The Vintage Cake

 The Vintage Wedding Cake

A very popular choice as 50’s vintage fashion continues to grow & suits more alternative styles for weddings. This cake is still just as beautifully designed as all the others and is topped off with polka dot strips and a classy handmade, edible rose. For a standard vanilla cake, this will feed around 120+, not bad for around the £500 mark.



The Bespoke Cake(s)

The bespoke cake is where all the fun happens! All cakes are bespoke to a degree, but some are more creative than others. For example we have the Alice in Wonderland extravaganza! Eye catching is an understatement.


 Alice in Wonderland Bespoke Wedding Cake



 We also have the ‘taste the rainbow’ cake, another eye catching piece which is perfect for the right couple. Hexagon cakes are becoming more and more popular and definitely add a contemporary feel.


Taste the rainbow wedding cake




Bespoke cakes do tend to lean more on the expensive side, relative to more traditional cakes. Cakes really can define the style, theme, and mood of the day. That is why we offer so many diverse cakes at Cakeology, so you can get the cake perfect for your special day.


Browse our range, give us a call or drop us a comment for more information, we’d love to help you on your quest to find the perfect wedding cake :)