Are you looking for a simple way to lace a cake? Then Sweet Lace Express is the product for you!

Perhaps the best way to get started is to buy a starter pack which includes mould, spatula and sweet lace paste. However you can also buy the products individually. For best results follow this 4 step process;

Step 1 - Place the Red Mould on a non-slip surface. Take a small quantity of the “Sweet lace Express” Paste from the jar and knead it between your hands for 10 seconds.

Step 2 - Place the “Sweet lace Express” Paste on the short side of the Red Mould.

Step 3 - Using the Red Spatula, press gently and slowly and spread the Paste to fill every crevice of the Mould. Leave the Paste to rest in the Mould for 4 minutes .

Step 4 - After 4 minutes, unmould the Paste: the decoration is ready to be used in any number of creative ways. If all the crevices of the Mould were not perfectly filled, you can remove the Paste and start again from step 1.

 A 4 step guide giving instructions on how to lace a cake using Sweet Lace products.

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